Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight
Dennis Newkirk
  • Hardcover, 391 pages, cross indexed, with extensive bibliography, tables, graphics, schematics. ISBN 0-87201-848-2. This is an excellent companion to our Russians in Space v2.1 CD-ROM either the English or the Russian language version.
  • US$19.95 including FREE insured shipping & handling anywhere in North America. (Please add US$5.00 for S&H via airmail to all other countries.)
  • From the jacket blurb: "Newkirk is working in the grand tradition of earlier sleuths who have succeeded in laying out the broad outlines of the known, of pinpointing detailed chronologies and technical specifications, and of sketching the boundary of the is a reliable reconstruction of...the Soviet space program...Rational and successful planning for American space activities absolutely requires sound technical appraisals of the Soviet past, present and future in space, and readers will find what they need in Newkirk's impressive catalog." James Oberg, author of Red Star in Orbit '
  • Each entry, usually several pages long, comprises the name of a mission, its dates, crew, origin and landing point, orbital parameters, cargo manifest, and technical objectives, apparatus and hardware. Each entry is illustrated with a schematic showing the spacecraft involved and their configuration (e.g., a Soyuz-TM or a Progress module mated to a Salyut). After absorbing but a few chapters in this excellent reference, you will not only become familiar with the broad shape of the Soviet space program, but perhaps even more importantly, but you will learn to spot anamolies, that is unusual missions, which stand out from the majority of Soviet space flights.
  • Although specifically devoted to manned space flight, this book describes many of the unmanned systems which the Soviets/Russians used and are still using today, such as the series of spy satellites code named YANTAR, and a number of planetary science missions.
  • ORDER BOTH the Almanac and the Update (see below) and pay only US$30.00 including FREE shipping.
  • NB: If you already own Mr. Newkirk's book, you may substitute Lunacorp's Return to the Moon CD-ROM in our bundling offer instead.

copyright © June 1997
  • A softcover companion, 8-1/2" x 11", to the Almanac, updated with the latest comprehensive information in print. 72 pages including extensive bibliography, launch tables, interviews, photos and diagrams.
  • US$19.95 including FREE insured shipping & handling anywhere in North America. (Please write for S&H via airmail to all other countries.) ORDER BOTH and pay only US$30.00 including FREE shipping within the USA.
  • Covers political, military, technical, and economic developments affecting the Russian space program including new launch vehicles on the drawing boards such as the Angara ("green" LH2/LOX successor to the Proton heavy lifter, the test article of which is to be flown in on an An-124 (or An-220?) and displayed at the 1999 Paris Air Show at Le Bourget starting next week).
  • The following society members will receive a 10% discount: Planetary Society, National Space Society, and ORION
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