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  • Return to the Moon v.2.0, Lunar Eclipse Software.
  • Explore the sites of Lunar landings and impacts with the Electronic Atlas. Sites are cross indexed in a rich pop-up database of high resolution maps of the surface, photos, audio clips, and videos of all of the robotic and piloted missions (except Lunar Prospector, of course). Plan your own landing, then get challenged by the Moonflight Simulator. Test your knowledge of history, geography, technology, and economics in 10 interactive courses with quizzes at the LunaCorp Academy. Video Show Assistant helps you put together your own multimedia presentations with material from the disk. See the teleoperated rover/theme park project by LunaCorp/Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, as well as other future concepts.
  • This CD-ROM contains more than 400 famous photos, videos, and sound clips from space history, including 200 royalty-free photos for limited use.
  • Includes audio and video of Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon.
  • Now with your purchase, get your choice of a genuine mission patch for FREE. For a high resolution view of two examples (about 108K), click here. We have anniversary patches for famous manned missions (e.g. Freedom 7, Apollo 11), military programs (e.g. Vandenberg ICBM tests, SR-71), deep space and science missions (e.g. Ulysses, COBE) and for particular rockets (e.g. Delta, Atlas). We also have dozens of Shuttle mission patches, so if you have a particular mission in mind, ask us--we probably have it. A US$1.50-2.50 value.

  • For a complete list/view of all mission patches from the American space program, check out Doug Smith's Moon Race Homepage. Under "USA", click on "Astronauts" and all the patches are there.
  • An excellent value for education, entertainment, desktop publishing, and multimedia presentations.
  • Written for Windows 3.1, Windows 95; tested successfully on Windows 98 and Windows NT
  • The jewelcase edition is US$19.95 + 3.50 S&H within USA (7.00 CAN/MEX, 10.00 ALL OTHER). (Note: The jewelcase edition may be substituted for Newkirk's Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight in the Soviet Space History Bundle.)
    The bookcase boxed edition is now officially out of print.
  • The following society members will receive a 10% discount: Planetary Society, National Space Society, and ORION
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