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On 28 July 2014 will be the 100th anniversary of the opening shot of World War I. Not counting the Empire of Japan in the Far East and a host of other powers, five Eurasian empires started the war, which destroyed four of them (Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman) as organized forms of government. The outcome for the fifth empire (British) could be described as a Pyrrhic victory (they lost more in WWI than in WWII). One wonders, what were they all thinking? In light of recent events, one wonders the same thing today.

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The Third Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, is coming back to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this November on Sunday the 9th through Wednesday morning the 12th. It is again being sponsored by The Ultimax Group, Inc., as well as the additional participation of the British Interplanetary Society, SF publisher Baen Books, the HAL5 chapter of the National Space Society, ORION, the Institute for Interstellar Studies, and NeXolve. We are proud to work together with such prestigious partners. The First Interstellar Workshop, was held November 28-29, 2011, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Second Workshop was held in Huntsville, Alabama in 03-06 February 2013, and the Interim Study Group was January 17-19, 2014.

What's New

Shell Worlds update: Co-authors Robert Kennedy, Ken Roy, and David Fields will present three papers at the First Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, November 28-29, 2011, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Robert's will be "Shell Worlds", then Ken's will be "Sublight Colonization of the Galaxy", then David's will be "Jovian Tesla Radio".
Mirrors & Smoke update: Robert just got back from Moscow, where he was invited by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Rosgidromet (their national weather service) to present a paper on space-based geoengineering, "Dyson Dots: Changing the Solar Constant to a Solar Variable with Photovoltaic Lightsails", at the international climate change conference PACC-2011 in Russia earlier this month.

Aldrin's bootprint on lunar surface, open-source per GPL 20 July 2009: 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's small step.

Russians in Space</b> v2.1 CD-ROM (English language for Windows & Mac Russians in Space CD-ROM update: 10-12 July 2009 "The Other Side of the Space Race" presented at LibertyCon 22, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Russians in Space v2.1 CD-ROM (English language for Windows & Mac verified to work in Windows VistaTM.

Soviet technician wrenching on Sputnik 04 October 2007: Happy 50th anniversary of Sputnik, and the Space Age! (liftoff 1957 October 4 2228:34 Moscow Time)

Other quick links: For notes to the 01Jul05 lecture to the Oak Ridge Philosophical Society, and the 14 Sep 2004 lecture to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Oak Ridge & East Tennessee Sections, regarding the Columbia accident: “The Normalization of Deviance”, click here.
For notes to the 09Jul04 lecture to the Oak Ridge Philosophical Society “Dead Media Reloaded”, click here.
31Jan04: Pentapauls. Ode to Uncle Joe. Historical database of nuclear weapons tests, 1945-present. (This is a very large file, over 100K.) The Soviet nuclear history page now has lots of awesome Cold-War-era images. For a list of the 14 most promising targets for interstellar missions click here. Ultimax White Papers are available online, starting in reverse order. See Mirrors & Smoke: Ameliorating Climate Change with Giant Solar Sails as it appeared in the Summer 2001 issue of Whole Earth Review.

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Our flagship products: Learn about the other side of the Space Race. As seen on CNN, the Discovery Channel, PBS's Nova site, Vremya (the Moscow evening news), and also in Popular Science, Astronomy, MicroTimes, and Quest magazines. Available in fine museums and science stores everywhere.

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