Rockets of the World poster
US$10 plus $3.95* S&H
  • 22x34 inch full color poster printed on heavy semigloss stock (pardon the inexpert photography)
  • 154 of the world's most famous rockets, from the V-2 to the Saturn V.
  • Indexed by name, year, nation, and purpose.
  • For a high resolution view (about 100K), click here. Note: Although it is sent compressed, with some browsers you will need about 1 megabyte of free RAM in order to open and view this image!
  • Excellent companion to Dennis Newkirk's Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight hardcover book (391 pages), and Ultimax's Soviet Space Database via email, 3.5 inch PC diskette, or Adobe PDF.
  • is FREE when you order the Soviet Space Bundle.
  • *shipping cost within USA only. Shipped to you via Priority Mail in a heavy-duty, triangular "tube". Customers from Canada, Mexico, or overseas, please write, fax or email us for a quote on shipping this poster.
  • Sorry, no space society membership discounts are available for this poster.
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